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Dr Tony’s years of experience means you are in excellent hands

Why Specialist Breast Clinic

Specialist Breast Clinic provides a warm and professional environment for oncoplastic breast surgery, breast reconstructions, restoration, corrections and augmentation. From initial consultation through to the final procedure, you will receive the most comprehensive surgical care. With a successful track-record and an understanding of your needs, you can have confidence in our abilities.

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Breast Cancer Surgery – Oncoplastic Surgery

Breast cancer surgery removes cancer cells and reduces risk of future breast cancer. As one of few qualified oncoplastic breast cancer surgeons in Australia, Dr Tony can excise cancerous tissue and cosmetically reconstruct the breast in a single seamless surgery.

Breast Reconstructions

Our breast reconstruction surgery restores the appearance of a natural breast and replaces breast tissue lost during a mastectomy. Our goal is to improve your confidence and help you look and feel like yourself.

Breast Improvement Surgery

The look of your breasts can change over time. Breast improvement surgery can be ideal for women seeking to resize large, asymmetric or tubular breasts, uplift aged breasts, or regain a sense of firmness and volume.

Breast Implants & Augmentation

Our cosmetic procedures are designed to enhance the shape and size of a woman’s breasts. We can help you understand your choices and make an informed decision about breast implants and augmentation.

Breast Implant Corrections

Breast corrections can be necessary for patients who have experienced complications of breast implant surgery. Our revision surgeries can resolve the discomfort and risk of these problems.

About Dr Tony

Dr Tony Palasovski

Dr Tony Palasovski is an oncoplastic breast surgeon serving the Illawarra and Southern Sydney. After receiving his specialist fellowship in 2011, Dr Palasovski completed additional prestigious training in oncoplastic breast surgery at the Royal Melbourne Hospital, a world leading institution in the management of complex breast cancers. He is committed to developing a truly integrated breast service, combining early detection and diagnosis with advanced techniques for excisional and reconstructive surgery.

He is passionate about helping patients make informed decisions about their breast procedures, whether they are for cosmetic purposes, preventative measures, or as a treatment for cancer.

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