Perforator Flap Procedures

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Perforator Flap Procedures

Perforator flap surgery is a technique used in reconstructive surgery where skin, tissue and/or fat are removed from a distant or adjacent part of the body to perform a reconstruction of a damaged area. With this technique I aim to reconstruct breasts that have been damaged during breast cancer surgery or something similar. During these two different procedures my main goal is to reconstruct the natural shape and size of your breast. 


Lateral intercostal artery perforator (LICAP)

The Lateral Intercostal Artery Perforator flap breast procedure aims to replace lost breast tissue from breast cancer surgeries or other medical procedures. This type of operation is best suited for patients who have had cancer in the outer part of their breast

Skin and fat from under your arms will be used to reconstruct the space left in your breast after your tumour has been removed and restore the shape and size of your breast. No muscle is removed in this operation, meaning there is no effect to how your arm or chest wall functions.

Following the surgery you will be left with quite a long scar on your chest wall going towards your back, however all of the surgery performed on your breast will be through the same incision (e.g. lymph nodal surgery) meaning you will not have a scar on the breast itself.

This surgery leaves women very pleased with the results and experiencing minimal pain and discomfort afterwards. The shape of your breasts will change with time or particular changes such as weight changes, pregnancy and aging, the same way natural breast shapes change as we age.


Anterior intercostal artery perforator (AICAP)

An Anterior Intercostal Artery Perforator flap procedure may be considered for those wishing to correct small defects in their breasts following breast cancer surgery or breast conservative surgery in the medical quadrants of the breast. 

The Anterior Intercostal Artery Perforator flap procedure is a suitable option for partial breast reconstruction for women with small and medium sized breasts who have experienced tumors in the lower breast closer to the inframammary fold. 

This surgery will leave you extremely pleased and with minimal scarring and discomfort, partial breast reconstruction using the AICAP flap is a safe and reliable option for lower breast tumors with perfect cosmetic outcomes and a very low rate of complications.