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Medical 3D Nipple & Areola tattoos are real tattoos, applied with needles that insert pigment into the skin. If one or both of your nipples were removed or have become scared when you had breast surgery, you can in most cases decide to have your nipples tattooed to recreate the nipple and the areola (the dark area around the nipple). Some people find that having their nipples tattooed is an important final step in the breast reconstruction process giving that last boost of confidence. 


About Ms Niki Cirillo

I am a CosMedical Tattooist, professionally trained in the implantation of pigment granules (in the upper layer of the skin) for Medical as well as Cosmetic enhancements after breast surgeries. I use colour to recreate, to elevate & to transform the breast area and create the most natural 3D looking cosmetic tattoo possible.

​My goal is to restore confidence in individuals so that they can feel like themselves again after trauma. As an experienced nipple tattoo artist I will create an amazingly realistic image of a nipple that appears to have physical dimension but is really flat to the touch. All of my clients will see an aspect of themselves that they never thought they could see again, especially for those who have had mastectomy/s or gender transformation and are in need of nipple & areola restoration. 

I began my journey with training in the cosmetic tattoo process of lips, eyebrows & eyeliner, however, I felt that there was so much more that I could do to elevate & support individuals. My vision for ProCosmediq is beyond just the physical appearance. I take my artistic skills to a deeper level; holistic healing for the whole body. Taking into account mental and social factors (rather than just external modifications).


Qualifications and Specialised Procedures

My accreditation was attained through the Australian Cosmetic Tattoo College in Sydney, Australia. All my creations are carried out using a Digital Machine. My training also includes recognition in ‘Maintain Infection Control’ to meet Australian guidelines. I specialise in Medical 3D Nipple/Areola Tattoos as well as other the following procedures: 

  • Hairline/Scalp Tattoos
  • Scar Camouflage 
  • Dry Needling
  • Eyebrow Tattoos
  • Lip Tattoos
  • Eyeliner Tattoos
  • Other Medical  & Cosmetic Tattoo enhancements



Some of the advantages of choosing 3D tattooing are:

  • avoiding a surgery and the creation of new scars
  • an easier healing and recovery process
  • a tattoo artist can add fine details and coloring to the nipple and areola that can’t be done with surgery


To get in contact with Ms Niki Cirillo about any of her services visit or get in touch with our office.