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Our Services

Specialist Breast Clinic offers a range of breast surgeries and services in Wollongong and Miranda regions. This includes procedures ranging from: breast cancer surgery and breast reconstruction, breast augmentations, breast restoration and corrections, breast reductions, surgery for benign breast lumps, and other specialised procedures.

Specialist Breast Clinic can aid you in whatever breast surgery you are after. Dr Tony Palasovski’s expertise across complex and more simple procedures ensures each patient is delivered rapid-access, integrated and patient-centred breast care procedures in the Illawarra.

Perforator Flap Procedures

Perforator flap surgery is a technique used in reconstructive surgery where skin, tissue and/or fat are removed from a distant or adjacent part of the body to perform a reconstruction of a damaged area. With this technique I aim to reconstruct breasts that have been damaged during breast cancer surgery or something similar.

Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast reduction surgery aims to remove excessive and unwanted volume from the breasts and reshaping the remainder to a more pleasing and comfortable size. With our teams experience we can perform these surgeries to the highest standard.

Nipple Reconstruction – Procosmediq Tattoo

Medical 3D Nipple & Areola tattoos are real tattoos, applied with needles that insert pigment into the skin. If one or both of your nipples were removed or have become scared when you had breast surgery, you can in most cases decide to have your nipples tattooed to recreate the nipple and the areola.

Breast Cancer Surgery – Oncoplastic Surgery

Breast cancer surgery removes cancer cells and reduces risk of future breast cancer. As one of few qualified oncoplastic breast cancer surgeons in Australia, Dr Tony can excise cancerous tissue and cosmetically reconstruct the breast in a single seamless surgery.

Breast Implant Corrections

Breast corrections can be necessary for patients who have experienced complications of breast implant surgery. Our revision surgeries can resolve the discomfort and risk of these problems.

Breast Implants & Augmentation

Our cosmetic procedures are designed to enhance the shape and size of a woman’s breasts. We can help you understand your choices and make an informed decision about breast implants and augmentation.

Breast Improvement Surgery

The look of your breasts can change over time. Breast improvement surgery can be ideal for women seeking to resize large, asymmetric or tubular breasts, uplift aged breasts, or regain a sense of firmness and volume.

FemTouch™ Laser

Femtouch™ is an innovative state-of-the-art CO₂ laser technology treatment that is applied along the vaginal walls and delivers a very gentle and controlled ablation and coagulation of the vaginal lining addressing common vaginal health related issues and improving Women’s health.